How would you feel if you woke up refreshed after a nice nap, and your home was tidy? How about if dinner were in the crock pot, ready to be served? 

These are the gifts of a postpartum doula.

When you've just arrived home from the hospital with your newest addition, it can be overwhelming to think of all the tasks needing done. 


So much emphasis is put on the prenatal period that sometimes, we forget to think about the time after baby will look like. Who will come visit? Will you feel up to cleaning? Cooking? If you have other children, will you be able to juggle those first few weeks of the transition period on your own?

There are so many questions to consider, and everyone has their opinions on your choices, from the way you birth, to the way you raise your children.

Enter the postpartum doula.

We help you figure out a strategy that resonates with your wishes, and will help you to create an environment where you can thrive. 

Even better? We do it without opinions or philosophies. Our motto is, "Whatever works for you."

You get the best of both worlds - support and no judgment for the way you parent.

What is a postpartum doula, and what is their role for your family?

Our main focus is to help you transition into life with a newborn and throughout that first year of life. 

That can look like:

Newborn care
Sibling care
Overnight support
Light meal prep and cooking
And so much more!

Because providing a consistent and nurturing experience is important to us, we seek to be up to date in unbiased information, the most relevant of training, and continue to build upon our education so that we may provide our clients with the care they desire. 

Topics we've been trained in are:

Parenting philosophies
Feeding and sleeping cues (including how to support a healthy breastfeeding relationship)
Supporting siblings and other family members in easing into life with a new baby
Recognizing the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression

Postpartum care begins before the baby comes and it is never too late to build your perfect support system. Having trusted people that can help your family ease into parenthood is an invaluable asset, and can help stave off baby blues. The first year is full of new and exciting milestones, and ever changing dynamics. Allow our team to help you navigate this new journey of parenthood and utilize our extensive network of resources, whether it's your first child, or your third.

Postpartum hours are sold in packages of 30 hours and up, but we are available to individualize them as needed. The hourly rate varies based on the package you choose, but discounts are given for bigger packages.
We also have a Doula for the Day option that is $225 due at time of service.