Belly casting is a great way to commemorate a time when your baby grew underneath your heart. It's a physical keepsake of the changes the body makes in pregnancy, and can be used as decor in the nursery, or a conversation piece throughout your home. It can be kept a simple, flat or glossy white, or be decoupaged with some of your favorite images.

The process is easy! After deciding whether or not you want a full torso or just belly, you'll decide upon white, color, or a more detailed decor, and whether or not you want to display it, or hang it. You can also turn it into a lamp!

After signing a service contract and booking your date, our caster will come to your home, set up the area so that your belongings stay clean, and begin the process of casting. All you supply is the belly, a comfortable chair, and information about your preferred barrier (oils or Vaseline are best choices), and we do the rest. Once your cast has set and begun to harden, we'll clean up our mess and take the cast with us to shape, harden and perfect. If you choose, we can send progress pictures along the way so that you can be as involved in the process as you would like.  

See a few examples of belly casts we've done below!