Assembling your birth team is a fairly important milestone in your pregnancy. You want the best for your growing family, from the perfect care provider, to the most comfortable atmosphere for birthing. Adding an exceptional doula to facilitate the experience you envision for your baby's (or babies') entrance into the world would complete the ultimate birth dream team. 

What makes Mountain State Maternity the right choice?

The doulas at Mountain State Maternity understand that every family is unique in their needs, and we tailor our support to fit our clients from day one. Whether you are seeking knowledge, reassurance, or physical comfort during your pregnancy and labor, our doulas have been professionally trained to be your free-of-judgment non-medical support every step of the way. We seek to work with your care providers in a cohesive fashion that promotes a peaceful, respectful atmosphere and a safe and satisfying birth experience. 

We also do things a little bit differently:


Our doulas work in pairs! That means you get two doulas that share call throughout your pregnancy, ensuring a built-in back-up. You will meet each of your doulas and get to know them during the prenatal visits, as well as through email, texts, and phone support.

We go on call the minute you sign our contract. We understand that birth happens on its own time and we don't ever want to leave you without a window of support. If you go into labor the minute the ink dries, or months later, we've got you covered.

Unlimited phone, text, and email support. Whether this is your first time, or your third, you might have questions or concerns. We're here for you!

Prenatal and labor care tailored to your individual needs, no agenda and no judgment. Whether you're seeking an unmedicated vaginal birth, plan to get the epidural upon admission, have a cesarean scheduled, or want to birth at home, your doulas will support you.

Our support doesn't end when the baby arrives. We stay after the birth until your new family is settled and ready to bond. Within a week or two of your birth, we'll do a follow up visit where you can utilize the benefits of postpartum support for a four (4) hour postpartum doula shift and ask any remaining questions you have to equip you for parenthood.


Labor support packages start at $1,100 (tax included).