Q&A: Bowen Therapy with Melita Mollohan


In January, Ash Edwards started looking into the hidden gems of North Central West Virginia that could benefit our clients in their health goals, through fertility challenges, pregnancy, and beyond. This series will span the year as we discover new and exciting things throughout our Wild and Wonderful state. If you know of any amazing places or people that should be featured from NCWV or the surrounding areas, we'd love to know!

This month, I got the great pleasure to interview Melita Mollohan of Zen From Within. We met in downtown Morgantown at the Blue Moose during Melita's lunch hour, and when she walked in, her energy was simply incredible - I could see where those that knew her and recommended her highly came from, because I was instantly enthralled with everything she had to say. After a delicious lunch at the Moose, we walked to her studio up the block, and I got to check out where the magic happens. She brewed me this amazing tea (seriously, if you're a tea lover like me, you should check out her blends), and we talked about all things Bowen, energy, and business.

Read on to learn a little bit about how she helps her clients, specifically with a practice called Bowen (also called Bowen Therapy or Bowen Work).

In what ways do you work with your clients?

"I work with clients in a full spectrum of themselves:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Some of the tools that I use in my clinic are:  Akashic Record Readings, Bowen Therapy, Breathwork, Evolutionary Reiki, Therapeutic Yoga, Herbalism, Tarot/Oracle card readings, Crystals, Energy Healing, therapeutic conversations and lifestyle counseling.  I empower my clients to get back in touch with their own inner healer.

I love using all of the therapeutic tools in my tool belt to address a client where they need it most.  Some need help in healing the physical body, we can use Bowen Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Herbalism, or a combination of these.  If a client needs helps with more mental,  emotional, or spiritual issues, we can use Breathwork, Akashic Record Reading, Bowen Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Herbalism, Energy Healing, Evolutionary Reiki, or a combination of these.

I love that the therapeutic tools that I use can cross over from physical to emotional or from mental to spiritual and so forth.  There's no 'one right way' that is perfect for everyone.  Everyone gets met exactly where they are and gets the therapeutic tools that they need to heal."

So today, I wanted to focus on your work with Bowen. How does Bowen Therapy work? 

"Bowen Therapy works on the nervous system through the fascial planes of the body. If that left you shaking your head a little, that basically means that we use pin point precise locations in your body to address the nervous system to get the body to reboot itself.  Every Bowen Therapy session brings your body a little bit closer to it's original blueprint of health.  It's safe for everyone to use, from the newborn to the elderly."

What sorts of ailments can Bowen treat?

"There isn't any situation that I haven't seen Bowen Therapy help in the healing process.  There are too many things to list here but you can see the full list and get a much better idea about how Bowen Therapy works and what it treats by visiting my website: http://www.zenfromwithin.com/bowen-therapy/learn-more/

That said, my absolute favorite thing to work on is migraines followed by low back problems!  Clients who come to see me with migraines have typically tried everything to help.  They are desperate for help as they just can't stand living with migraines any more!  They come in once a week for 3-5 weeks and in that time their migraines start to become headaches and then their headaches disappear!  It's incredible!"

Can this technique be used to help with infertility? How?

"Yes absolutely!  Bowen Therapy has a specific conception protocol that works along with your menstrual cycle.  I have successfully worked with a client who now has two twin boys!"

Can I do Bowen while pregnant? Is it safe? What benefits are there during pregnancy?

"Definitely!  I have women come in to see me for help with their low back & sacral pain while pregnant.  It's absolutely safe for anyone, whether pregnant or not.  I've had clients who have said that they couldn't imagine going through their pregnancy without the assistance of Bowen Therapy.  It made for a happier pregnancy and an easier birth!"

Can I do Bowen after my birth? What postpartum benefits are there?

"It's recommended that you come in to get a Bowen Therapy session as soon as you are feeling up to it.  Bowen will help to reduce the stress in the body after giving birth as well as to help the body return back to it's 'normal' state more quickly.  I have a client currently coming to me 2 months postpartum and loves to receive work on her shoulders as her baby is already 13 lbs!"

How long does a Bowen therapy session take to work?

"Bowen Therapy will start working on the first session.  During an intake, the client and I will discuss if there are deeper issues that the client would benefit from doing more session.  The number of sessions depends on the individual person.  More about that can be found on my website:  http://www.zenfromwithin.com/bowen-therapy/new-client/

If you are curious if Bowen Therapy or any of the other therapeutic tools I use are right for you, please contact me at melita@zenfromwithin.com or 304-288-0996 and I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have!"

There you have it! If you're interested in Bowen Therapy, or any other services Melita offers (or you love tea as much as I do), make sure you visit her website, send her an email, or give her a call.