The Mountain State Maternity Difference


It's World Doula Week 2016! It seems like the past year has gone by so quickly, but here we are again, celebrating this incredible profession. Louisville Area Doulas is hosting a blog challenge this week that will cover a slew of doula-related topics, and we decided to participate! To see the other entries, head over to the Louisville Area Doulas Blog Challenge page and check them out! The first topic on the agenda: What makes our business different?

I had to sit down a long time, and consider how to go about writing this post. You see, our job is to help the families that hire us in having the best journey possible, not to toot our horns about why you should hire us. While sitting here, I looked at Adam and I asked him - really, what makes us different? That smart man sure does know how to butter me up, but what he told me put words to the actions I take daily to ensure an amazing experience for our clients.

  1. We're a team. When you hire Mountain State Maternity, you're going to be getting the whole family. As we grow, we'll be building teams of doulas that will share their collective knowledge with our clients. This ensures our doulas get to lead an awesome fun-packed life, and that you get to rest soundly knowing there's a built in back-up for your birth or postpartum needs. How amazing is that?
    The agency model is pretty new around here (though a partnership or collective model probably is not), so we're really excited to be offering so much support to our clients. You've often seen me saying, "Team work makes the dream work," and I can't even begin to tell you how true that is, and how grateful I am for all of those that have been supporting MSM in the background as we grow.

  2. We leave our judgment at the door. At Mountain State Maternity, our doulas recognize that each family has individual needs. Our own opinions or choices get checked before we enter your space because our job is to help you find the best option for YOU, and to validate that choice. There is no cookie cutter mold for every family or individual, and your birth, postpartum, and parenting needs are no exception to this rule.

  3. We aren't your advocates. Now, hear me out here - I know that a lot of people say that doulas advocate for their clients, but that isn't us. We believe you're fully capable of speaking for yourself, and we help you find your own voice so that you can feel confident in communicating your needs and empowered to do just that - communicate. When you're able to feel empowered enough to ask for what you want, it's a pretty amazing experience, after all.
    And honestly, the birth room isn't the place for tension between your doula and your care provider. We do our best to work cohesively as a team to keep your experience as stress free as possible. Doesn't that sound nice?

  4. Our learning never stops. Each day, we seek to learn something new that will help out not only our clients, but our community. Our goal is to provide support, whether that be individualized or community groups, via signed clients or those who seek out our support through the groups we've begun to establish. We understand that doula support isn't in everyone's budget, and that's why we try to have something available for everyone. And if we don't know something, it's a challenge for us to find out more.
    Community is big for us. We've been new parents before, and we know how important it is to establish a village early on. Sometimes pregnancy is hard. Sometimes the birth didn't go as planned, or the baby is hard to soothe and you're exhausted, and you just need someone to tell you that everything will be alright. Or maybe you need resources to seek continued help. We're doing our best to build those bridges and get all the information you need in one accessible spot so that we're educated on what is available, and can in turn make that available to you.

  5. This is our career, and we take it, and our responsibility to you, very seriously. Our team is passionate about what we do, because we genuinely care. This is a career path we've chosen because we enjoy it, because we want to help families, and because we're professionals. We seek to provide care that is unbiased, led by a standardized doula curriculum and personal enrichment education, and completely tailored to our clientele.
    We are confident, compassionate, and look forward to supporting you. Give us a call at (304) 322-9395 to set up a consultation today.