10 tips for the best sleep after children


"Mama! Daddy! Mama! Daddy!Get up! The sun is awake, the sun is awake!"

Every. Single. Morning. This is my life with our tiny queen bee, buzzing with energy out the wazoo.

After children, one of the most common complaints of parents seems to be a lack of sleep. Suddenly, getting to stay in bed until 9am is a luxury (especially on weekends). Even when you do get to sleep in, your body is so used to sleep deprivation that you still wake up with the sun. Great times, right?

I've been thinking a lot about how to get better sleep at night, and I think I might have come up with ten good tips for all parents to try.

  1. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Of course, we all hear this one, all of the time. The reality is, though, that the house needs cleaned, dishes need washed, lunches need to be packed, and we really love Netflix. Right? Well, the trick is - don't do any of that. No more Netflix, no more personal time, no more clean house (or, you can hire a postpartum doula *wink*). Just sleeping when the kids sleep... forever.
  2. Divide and conquer. Still have a kid that wakes up in the middle of the night? Divide and conquer! Take turns sleeping while your partner tends to the kids, and vice versa, because you didn't really want to cuddle anyway, right?
  3. Buy lavender everything. Lotion, body wash, pillows, smelly things... Blast lavender everywhere so that everyone that comes into your home is instantly ready for dream land.
  4. Talk about sleep all of the time. Maybe by some form of undiscovered verbal osmosis, you'll feel rested.
  5. Wear your kid out. Have them exercise with you (or just chase them around), tickle them, give them stimulating things to play with, and it would probably be best to keep them away from electronics late at night. Double bonus with this one is that you'll be tired, too!
  6. Become a hermit. Hanging out with friends disrupts the careful routine you need to construct in order to survive parenthood. Don't do it. Besides, then you don't HAVE to get a shower or put on make-up.
  7. Learn to meditate with a finger up your nose. Enough said, right?
  8. Say goodbye to social media. Because it's distracting and will keep you up forever, especially if you limit yourself while the kids are awake.
  9. Plug your snoring partner's nose. Or buy some really good ear plugs because your child might also be snoring, and we can't go around pinching those sweet angels.
  10. Glue the Legos to the box they came in. And every other toy the will stab you in the foot during your 1 am pee break. You can only ninja so long on lack of sleep, after all. If the Legos don't get you, though, the clothes on the floor might.

Yep, I think that pretty much sums it up. Let us know if any of these work for you!

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