Back to School Bucket List


The summer is winding down, and the number of days until school starts is beginning to dwindle. You may be wondering what to do with your children these last few days to make the summer of 2016 memorable. Look no further than the Back to School Bucket List!

  1. Go camping. Whether it's in your backyard under the stars, an actual camp site with other campers, or in your living room among the couch cushions and television, take your little one on a camping adventure, complete with building a tent (a real one or from scratch!), S'mores, and catching creatures, real or imaginary. Keep it low stress and ditch the technology (if you can) for a little one-on-one family time.
  2. Make ice cream. Whether it's taking a note from Daniel Tiger's book and making banana swirl or some other fruit concoction, or making actual cream and sugar ice cream, have some fun and cool off at the same time with the creation of your very own sweet treat. The waiting will be hard, but so worth it! You can also make your favorite flavors of popsicles.
  3. Go rock hunting. Get outside in nature and hunt some pretty rocks, and then bring them home and decorate them for display or garden decor. And while you're out there, hunt some Pokemon, too - gotta catch 'em all!
  4. Movie and Popcorn day. With all of the rain we've been experiencing and are sure to continue getting, pick up some of your favorites, load up on popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch for a day of bonding vegetation.
  5. Host a themed playdate/get-together. Kids love to dress up - as their favorite character, or as one they create. Host a themed get-together where each child can pick out their own costume, or go with a theme and have your child create treats that are sure to satisfy both the taste buds AND your creativity centers.

There are so many fun things left to do this summer (like water fights, pool time, picking blueberries, flying kites and star gazing), but we want to hear a few of YOUR favorites! Tell us your go-to end of summer bucket list activities below.