Mountain State Maternity is looking for professional doulas to join our expanding team!

So what does this mean?

By applying to Mountain State Maternity, you'll be working as part of an agency toward the common goal of providing nonjudgmental support for women and their families in North Central West Virginia, western Maryland, and southern Pennsylvania.

As professional doulas, our goal is to support families through the processes of the prenatal period, childbirth, and into the postpartum period. This can look like providing education about available choices in their area, or helping them find empowerment in themselves to make the right choices for their family. We seek to build bridges with care providers, to give our clients the most cohesive birth team possible, and leave our own birth philosophies at the door to best provide professional, unbiased support.

We are not looking for advocates in the birth room, we're looking for professionals that can work respectfully with other medical professionals and their colleagues. We aren't looking for you to judge your clients' choices, either, and we are looking for someone that can meet a family where they are and provide support with whatever challenges they may face postpartum. This is an important part of being able to support a family without bias or assumption that they need saving or unsolicited advice. If you feel this is not something you can do, please reconsider applying.

To be considered for our team, we require that our doulas train and certify, or cross-certify, with PRODOULA.

This allows us to provide a consistent standardized curriculum to our doulas so that we can truly provide unbiased, professional support to our clients, as well as a continuity of care for both clients and providers.

This must be done within the first year of contracting with our agency.

To find out about any upcoming trainings, or helping us get one to Morgantown, email

To search for other trainings nearby, check here. For information on cross-certification, check here.

Still interested? Great! So what can you expect from us?

As a Mountain State Maternity doula, you can expect to be listened to, respected, and compensated fairly for your time, talent, and value. You'll be a part of a team with shared on-call schedule so that you can live your life without the worries of missing a birth or a family vacation. You can do what you love as part of a team, and not worry about the business side of being a doula - we do all of the advertising, payment collection, et cetera. You just bring your amazing ability to support and nurture, and we do the rest!

How to apply:

Please submit a letter of intent, your current resume, and three personal references to with "Letter of Intent - (Your Name)" as the subject line.  For your letter, please include the following topics:

  • Why you became or want to become a doula,
  • What it means to you to support growing families,
  • What professionalism means to you as a doula,
  • What are your goals as a doula, and for this profession, and
  • What is one unique aspect you feel you could bring to Mountain State Maternity?

We can't wait to hear from you!