Birth is one of the most amazing, incredible, and draining experiences in life.

It is a time of great emotion, and even greater transformation. For some, this time can be overwhelming while navigating parenthood and getting to know their new baby.

An estimated 1 in 7 mothers will experience the baby blues, while 35% will develop postpartum depression.

The proposed causes for this phenomena are fatigue, low iron stores (anemia), and a loss of essential nutrients and hormones after birth. Once a baby is born and the placenta detaches from the uterine wall, months of stored hormones and nutrients leave with it. The placenta is believed to reintroduce these essential sources of nourishment, and provide those that seek to encapsulate with both mental and physical benefits. While the majority of research on placenta consumption is outdated, and most accounts of success with placenta preparation are anecdotal, many of our clients have boasted about the benefits of utilizing their placenta during their postpartum period.

Some of the benefits they have reported are:

boost in energy levels, sometimes almost immediately,
happier moods (with notably decreased postpartum blues or anxiety),
lessened postnatal bleeding,
increased milk production. and
an overall sense of wellness and rejuvenation.

At Mountain State Maternity, our primary goal is to provide a high standard of care and support to our clients. Our encapsulators are professionally trained in order to provide the safest techniques available, and are required to have specialized training in bloodborne pathogens, sanitation, and proper food handling. Because we have your safety as one of our top priorities, we only offer preparation services in our clients' homes. This helps us to provide quality assurance, as well as to offer an exclusive advantage of including four (4) postpartum hours with each encapsulation package purchased, to be used during the two day preparation process.

Are you interested in learning more about how placenta preparation can enrich your postpartum experience?

Encapsulation starts at $325 (tax included) and includes 4 postpartum hours to be used during the 2 day process. Add-ons (tincture, salves, prints) are extra.