"I can't recommend Ash enough. I will never go through labor without her!"

From the moment my husband and I met Ash, we knew she would be a calm, perceptive, and kind force behind the birth of our first child. During our prenatal care, she took the time to get to know us as individuals and a couple, helping us to shape and understand our desires, fears, and anticipation for my pregnancy and labor.

Because I had an intense, long labor that ended in a C-section, it is almost (but not quite) a distant, hazy memory in many ways, but I can still clearly remember Ash guiding me through the ups and downs of it all. Although I had the support of my mother and husband throughout my labor, Ash was the crux of encouragement, consolation, and support for all of us. She helped them comfort me and she instinctually knew how to comfort me on her own, helping me find relief during hours of labor without an epidural—and then for a few hours with one! She even stayed with my family while I recovered from my C-section.

I can’t recommend Ash enough. I will never go through labor without her!

— abby f.

"Would recommend highly to anyone."

Cannot speak highly enough of this group. My experience with Ash and mountain state maternity was phenomenal. I felt very taken care of and received more love and care than I could've imagined. My placenta encapsulation experience was amazing. The process was a breeze as Ash took care of everything. She was a pleasure to be around, efficient and just a joy. Plus.. I couldn't be happier with the benefits I've received from my placenta pills. Would recommend highly to anyone.

— brandy d.

Ash was always there for me throughout my entire pregnancy. She welcomed every unusual question and wild emotion with open arms. I even went into labor several months early and she left vacation early and drove hours to support me. I couldn't say better things!

— kylie b.

Ash is an amazing and dedicated doula. Families in West Virginia are lucky to have Mountain State Maternity for their birth and postpartum needs!
— Whitney Teel of Wilmington Coastal Doulas

Ash was amazing for my entire pregnancy and labor and delivery! She was always checking up on me during my pregnancy and did an awesome prenatal visit with us. She was especially valuable during the time I was in labor at the hospital. She was there to support my very first natural delivery in every way imaginable! If we weren’t a military family moving in several months I would definitely hire her again for any future pregnancies. I highly recommend her for anyone searching for a doula.

— diane n.

"I can't thank Ash enough for helping me achieve my VBAC. She was absolutely amazing through out my pregnancy and labor."

— kristen c.


She did excellent as my doula during my VBAC induction. It lasted 38 hours, and she was there every step of the way. She even helped when it came to pushing with my daughter by encouraging me, and helping my husband with holding my legs. I successfully had my VBAC with my 7lbs 13oz 19in long daughter on 7/7/15. She also stayed to make sure she was trying to breastfeed.

keyaire s.

Ash played a huge role in the birth of my second child. I had a not so great hospital experience with my first birth, so when I became pregnant again I knew I needed the love, support, and knowledge of a doula to help me attain my all natural healing birth. Our prenatal appointments made me feel confident and at ease. Ash really took the time to get to know me, my family (who would also be attending the birth), what I wanted, my hopes and fears.

Ash lives about an hour away from me. When I was chatting with her about my contractions she said I’m coming into town, this is it. I thought she was crazy, and didn’t want her to drive all this way for nothing! It felt natural for me to labor completely alone. I didn’t want anyone around. So Ash just hung out in town until I felt ready to head to the hospital (which was roughly 10 hours or so!!!) She met us there and played a pivotal role in my amazing labor and birth. She was very helpful with tips and tricks for helping to manage the intensity of my contractions. She was an amazing energy to have in the room with me. Supportive & encouraging. She stayed for a little while after to help establish a good latch for breastfeeding which she knew was very very important to me. She followed up after, and has always been (and still is) available for any questions I had. I would highly recommend Ash as a doula.

— dawn d.

Ash is top notch! She came to my home and encapsulated my placenta, and even assisted with making prints. Incredibly professional and exceptionally sweet, I’d recommend her to anyone seeking a doula or encapsulator.
— heidi l.

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